■ Automatic lathe,C NC complex Lathe, CNCLathe
  We are available from a variety of materials from rod to hexagonal material , as a cutting diameter up to φ2-φ380
It like described below, we have a wide variety of material processing. We are good at (SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L) stainless among them also. In recent years an increasing number of orders are also our as a material change in brass, iron, utilizing the power processing technology for many years. We will respond to various requests by CNC lathes units of about 80. Also we work and processing bar work & Index chuck, we have facilities that can accommodate enough mass- produced goods from various small amounts.
■ Tapping & machining center
  It can use the additional processing after turning CNC Lathe, for Machining & Tapping center consisting of 20 units. We are also good machined from such sheet materials, square rod , and tilt rotary table index chuck, NC use the table circle. It can also support materials such as castings and plate atypical.
■ Wire cutting machine ,Electrical discharge machine
  Wire cutting machine, electrical discharge machining, lathe, drilling machine etc., we can also support products that require urgent processing and difficult
■ Integrated production of mold production, forging and machining
  Our forging, for the press, we deal primarily brass products We are currently also arrange the order of the material, forging, cutting, until the completion of the plating
■ Quality management system, such as CMM and roundness measuring, by a number of instruments for inspection
  For quality control, we have established a system of stable quality, roundness measuring equipment, such as CMM, the latest.。
■ Heat treatment and surface treatment by partner companies
  In partnership with partner companies for many years (such as welding, vacuum plating, pickling, quenching, various polishing), we're also supports a variety of high-quality request.

■ Stainless steel
■ Iron
■ Aluminum
■ Brass
■ Copper
■ A lot of such as titanium metal


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