ITO SEIKO CO., LTD., which specializes in the manufacture of precision parts CNC lathe ,Machining Center due to processing. Production capacity of its high accuracy and has a great reputation in a wide variety of industries.

  We are operating more than 40 years since its founding in 1960, our goal is the production of high-precision parts to product quality and stability of high-mix low-volume mass production of goods, technology reform, Ito Seiko Co., Ltd. As a result many I have gotten the trust and confidence from our customers
Improved quality originality and ingenuity, also, by approximately 100 machine with a control unit CNC, and to enable the processing of the product-mix with the can select a machine that was in the product, it will continue to respond to the diverse needs you
  Our company was founded as a company we have precision parts machining 1960. Since then, the theme of making high precision products, from high-mix low-volume parts, we are happy to order a wide range of high-quality, mass-produced parts.

We are well equipped and other general, introduction of latest equipment, CNC lathe and Machining Center in the processing sector.

Technology and experience that have been mastered over the years in an effort to not slack, wisdom and effort, we will surely help of everyone in latest equipment.

In addition, our readiness to step up efforts so that the spirit aims to improve the technology of cutting that can only our company, the "We aim to be a company that is willing" is the basic policy of my being fully meet the expectations of our future, also, thank you for your support and cooperation.



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